domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015


Anglo Greetings comrades and friends:

We wish to publish the first version of a highly anticipated book in English: The Mystery of Belicena Villca .

No doubt this book provides important information for all those men and women who fight Zionism and the system that seeks to establish a Zionist world government .

In this regard the diffusion of The Mystery of Belicena Villca is of vital importance for the great FINAL BATTLE looming , so we are on duty to awaken the nationalist forces worldwide to convene to take part in this WAR ESSENTIAL for the liberation of Chained Spirit in Matter.

This version is in PDF, Portable Document Format easy access. Contains the full letter of Belicena Villca an Inca princess detailing us unsuspected aspects of this GREAT CONSPIRACY Zionist to enslave humanity under the yoke of YHVH CHOSEN PEOPLE . This synarchy , IS ABOUT TO GET YOUR GOAL . So it is a matter of life or death spread this book for humanity captive .

Nimrod de Rosario , the author, is already considered one of the wisest men of all time , and this book contains a ANCIENT WISDOM which is essential for the warrior prepares to fight synarchy THE CHOSEN PEOPLE . We hope that Europe and all Anglo nations awaken to their legacy HONOR and unite to fight the great deceiver . 

 Yours Truly: 

 Veganist Emerging Movement 

To access the PDF file , click on the cover image .

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